Law Firm

AK LEGAL provides comprehensive legal and business counselling for Polish and international entrepreneurs and natural persons.

The firm provides legal advice in the field of Polish, the Austrian and international law. We provide opinions on translations of foreign contracts and, in particular, the circulation of the Polish – Swiss, Polish – Austrian and Polish – Russian. 

The aim of the firm is to introduce in a clear and transparent manner the problems that face our Clients. Clarity and lucidity is also the motto of the rules relating to the philosophy of the determination of remuneration: our Client can expect and fully understand what service is he/she paying and why. In addiction, to help our Clients make a decision about the manner of the remuneration, support for entrepreneurs is done according to several variants of settlement services rendered such as:

  • lump sum clearance
  • time realization of the service 
  • success fee

Our firm cooperates with many professional consultants from various fields.